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"Your Home & It's Decoration"...



Mesh Lace Chair Set

No. 221

Tie Back

No. 301

Bone Ring Cluster Design Doily

No. 405

(pg. 3)

Lamp Shade

No. 243

Pearl Point Cushions, Foot Stool Covers and Picture Frames

No. 251

(pg. 4)




Filet Tie Back With Tassel

No. 300

Shell Stitch Oval Chair Set

No. 241

(pg. 5)

Five Piece Flower Filet Luncheon Set

No. 222

(pg. 6)

Square Doily with Crochet Insert

No. 400

Lace Doily

No. 401

Doily with Two-Colored Mesh Edging

No. 402

Linen Center with Crocheted Edge

No. 403

(pg. 8)


Sunday Night Supper Set

No. 221

Bone Ring Mats

No. 404

(pg. 10)


Shell Design with Bone Rings

No. 404

Reticella Motif for Luncheon Set

No. 226

(pg. 11)


California Rose Inset for Luncheon Set

No. 224

(pg. 12)



Cocktail Napkin

No. 248

Luncheon Set in Colored Linen

No. 227

(pg. 13)

Windmill Bedspread Design in Cluster Stitch

No. 203

(pg. 14)

Windmill Bedspread Design in Cluster Stitch Detail

No. 203

(pg. 15)


Pillow Case insertion

No. 327

Lamp Shade

No. 243

(pg. 16)


Shell Stitch Dresser Set

No. 241

(pg. 17)


Stool Cover

No. 245

Bath Mat

No. 249

Bathroom Rug with Fringe

No. 250

(pg. 18)


Reticella Motif for Towel

No. 247

(pg. 19)


Monkey Face Lace Edging

No. 323

Lattice Lace Edging

No. 324

Mile-A-Minute Edging

No. 325

(pg. 20)

Pointed Filet Edging

No. 13

Chain and Shell Edging

No. 326

Shell Scallop Edging

No. 14

(pg. 21)


Back Cover

Luncheon or Tea Cloth

No. 223



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You'll Receive These Six Rare Pattern Books In "Doilies Collection" Volume 3:
  • "Doilies in the Modern Manner" vol. 297, circa 1953 ($9.97 value)

  • "Doilies" vol. 184, circa 1942 ($11.97 value)

  • "Pineapple Designs" vol. 320 circa 1946 ($11.97 value)

  • "Doilies to Treasure" vol. 209, circa 1950 ($11.97 value)

  • "Doilies" vol. 145, circa 1940's ($9.97 value)

  • "Ruffled Doilies" vol. 107, circa 1950's ($9.97 value)

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  • "Doilies Design Book" vol. 201, circa 1960 ($9.97 value)

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That's 236 pages and 220 vintage patterns dating from 1933 to 1960 valued at $87.76, for only $39.97!

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