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Here's What's Inside 

"Crochet House"...



Table Scarf in Crochet Weaving

Crocheted Flower Basket "Hobnail" Design

(pg. 2)

Chair Set

Work Basket

(pg. 3)




Crocheted Rug in Needlepoint

(pg. 4)

Foot Stool in Crocheted Needlepoint

(pg. 5)

Greek-Key Bedspread

(pg. 6)




Doilies for Dressing Table

Jungle Leaves Bedspread

(pg. 7)

Water Lily Dressing Table Set

(pg. 8)

Bedroom Rug and Slippers in Crocheted Weaving

(pg. 9)




Crocheted Medallion Tablecloth

(pg. 10)

Crocheted Medallions


Square Dance

Bright Star

(pg. 11)

Patriotic Place Mat in Crocheted Weaving

Doily in Crocheted Needlepoint

Woven Doily

(pg. 12)


Crocheted Flower Basket

Tray Doily

(pg. 13)

Hostess Set

Fans Across The Border

(pg. 14)

Patio Set

Patio Flower Dish

(pg. 15)


Crocheted Rope Dish Mats

Summer Garden Hot Dish Mat Set

Clover Leaf Coasters

(pg. 16)

Rainbow Table Doily

Crocheted Fruit Dish

(pg. 17)



Tie Back & Napkin Ring in Crocheted Needlepoint

Tie Backs

(pg. 18)


Pussy Cat Pot Holder

Bouquet Pot Holder

Plaid Pot Holder

Oven Mitt

Dish Matt

(pg. 19)

Duck Family Rug

(pg. 20)


Peter and Susie Baby Bibs

(pg. 21)




Bathroom Set in Chenille

Shower Bar Soap Bag

(pg. 22)


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And Receive "Crochet House" Plus:



You'll Receive These Seven Rare Pattern Books In "Variety Collection" Volume 1:
  • " Anne Oar Crochet Designs" vol. 33, circa 1934 ($14.97 value)

  • " Conserve with Crochet" vol. 25, circa 1930's ($14.97 value)

  • " Wrought Iron Crochet" vol. 74, circa 1954 ($9.97 value"

  • " Curtains" vol. 116, circa 1938 ($14.97 value)

  • "The Variety Book of Crochet" Vol. 10, circa 1940's ($14.97 value)

And, If You Order By Midnight, , We'll Also Send You These Three FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1

  • "Crochet For Christmas" vol. 83, circa 1952 ($9.97 value)

  • Bonus #2

  • " Crochet For Christmas" vol. 94, circa 1952  ($9.97 value)

  • Bonus #3

    All pattern books on Compact Disk, rushed right to your home... postpaid. ($4.95 value)


That's 185 pages and 267 vintage patterns dating from 1934 to 1954 valued at $104.76, for only $39.97!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Promise, Or We'll Gladly Return Your Investment...

We've spared no expense to be sure the pattern books you will receive in digital format (both downloadable and on CD) are the highest quality possible.

In the unlikely event you receive your vintage pattern books and they are not all you thought they would be, just let us know by email, phone or fax and we'll be happy to refund your investment... no strings attached.


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Pat & Tabitha Gibbons

P.S.:  I can't wait to get your feedback on these rare patterns.  Don't forget to claim your free pattern book by signing up in the yellow box on the previous page.  Click here now to get "Variety Collection Vol. 1" plus your free gifts.

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