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I couldn't believe my eyes...
“She Had Left Me Her Precious, Rare Pattern Books She Collected Over The Years...”
Now, this collection of dozens of rare and out of print pattern books will help you make the past come alive.... (be sure to claim your FREE pattern book, and twice monthly pattern by email, free just for visiting)...

Dear Crochet Friend,

Mary Toth fled Hungary during World War 2, bringing with her only her two children and a few clothes. 

Her husband remained in Hungary, jailed by the Nazis.

After arriving in Miami via New York, she went to work immediately in the garment industry, earning very low wages, but it was enough to provide shelter and other necessities for little son Joseph and her daughter, Violet.

At the end of a long day sewing at the garment factory, Mary would make dinner for the children, then go to work on her needlecraft projects.

She loved to make things for others, both for the reward of a smile and “thank you”, as well as a small profit when appropriate.  It helped keep her happy, and make ends meet, as she awaited (and prayed for) the arrival of her husband.

Many years passed and, her husband, Joseph Sr., did finally arrive from Hungary and they lived a long life together in the United States. 

Mary was my grandmother.  She passed away in 2001, at the ripe old age of 88.  She had taught me to crochet only weeks before.

One of her final projects was a beautiful afghan, which she gave me just before she died.  It was knitted from a wartime pattern book.  One of many pattern books my grandmother collected over the years.

Unfortunately, most of the historic pattern books printed during her life are out of print, and original copies are nearly impossible to find.

But, thanks to the internet, I've been able to preserve these historic documents for you, and all who love to crochet.

It's true.  After extensive copyright research and digital preservation, you can own the same pattern books my grandmother (and perhaps your grandmother, too) used. 

Titles like...


"Fleisher Afghans", circa 1937 ($19.97 value)

  • 28 pages

  • 10 beautiful afghan patterns richly illustrated with clear instructions

  • One of the first pattern books ever to be printed in color!

  • Click Here to see inside

"A Bookful Of Crochet", circa 1935 ($19.97 value)

  • 24 pages

  • 40 designs including:




Cosmetic bags

Footstool covers


Curtain lace

Click Here to see inside

"Star Book For The Home", circa 1942  ($19.97 value)

  • Basket (pg. 21)

  • Bedspread (pg. 15)

  • Bridge Set (pg. 16)

  • Chair Back Sets (pgs. 4-6)

  • Scarves (pgs. 10-11)

  • Much More!

  • Click Here to see inside


"Floral Doilies", circa 1949  ($19.97 value)

  • Daffodil (pg. 2)

  • White Daisy (pg. 3)

  • Luncheon Sets (pgs. 7, 9, 13)

  • Forget-Me-Not, Pink Clover and more...

  • 15 pages loaded with beautiful spring patterns

  • Click Here to see inside

"Priscilla Centerpieces", circa 1951  ($19.97 value)

"Ruffled Doilies", circa 1954  ($19.97 value)


I've made these rare books available on compact disc, so there is no storage problem and you can print them as often as you like, and only the pages you want, on regular 81/2 X 11 paper (or A4 if you're use the metric system).


I'm Also Including Volume 2 Of My Collection, Filled To The Brim With Unique Patterns And Stitches From 1915-1920...



"Clark's Crochet Book", by Mrs. Leroy Clark, 1915  ($39.97 value)

  • 45 pages  

  • 77 patterns including doilies, yokes, button covers, belts, collars, edgings, table runners, dresser scarves, bedspreads, handbags, coasters and insertions

"Crocheted Edgings and Insertions", by Adeline Cordet, 1915 ($19.97 value)

  • 15 pages

  • 55 patterns of edgings, yokes and medallions from the early 20th century

"Priscilla Crochet Book, Edgings and Insertions", Priscilla Publishing, 1916 ($49.97 value)

  • 48 pages

  • 100 gorgeous trim, edging and insertion patterns

"Crocheted Edgings and Insertions", by Augusta Pfeuffer, 1917 ($19.97 value)

  • 15 pages

  • 60 patterns including edgings and doilies

"Handbook of Crochet", by Emma Chalmers, 1917 ($19.97 value)

  • 24 pages 

  • 48 patterns including edgings, yokes, doilies and trim

"Priscilla Irish Crochet Book", circa 1920 

($29.97 value)

  • 32 pages

  • Child's bonnet

  • Flowers & Leaves

  • Stunning "rose doily", plus many more doily patterns

  • Nostalgic shamrock border

  • Over 70 more stitches, patterns, borders and insertions



Here's What Others Have To Say About This

Vintage Crochet Pattern Collection:


"Hi Tabitha,
    I did get my vintage crochet cd in the mail.  Boy you believe in fast shipping I had it in no time it seemed.  I haven't had a chance to do any of the projects yet.  But I will say I am very pleased with the quality and lay out of the cd.  I am sure I will have many hours of creativity with this cd.  Bringing happyness to my friends and family that love my crafts as gifts.  I do feel like I really got my moneys worth with this product.
thanks for the great work,"

Penny, Santa Clarita, CA




 Just a short note to let you know how much I look forward to trying out some of the patterns in the “Vintage Crochet Pattern Library”  I received the CD in two days and immediately popped it into my computer.  There are so many patterns and they are so gorgeous!  I don’t know which one to start first.  Some of these designs incorporate Hairpin Lace techniques which I have been interested in trying, I just couldn’t find any patterns until now that used this technique.  The instructions are very easy to understand with finished pictures for every project.  And the best part of all is the pattern books can never be misplaced or ruined because they are on a CD!  No more time spent searching for that specific pattern book.  Just pop the CD into your computer and your ready to go! 

Your service and attention has been very professional.  It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.  Please keep me in mind should you have any other products available. 

Denise Petersen


What's The Cost For This Collection Of Rare, Vintage Pattern Books?

Rare pattern books are, well... very difficult to find.

So, unfortunately, the original copies in my collection are not for sale.  They're just too scarce and almost impossible to replace, especially in near mint condition like these.  If you were fortunate enough to stumble across a copy, you could expect to pay at least $20, even up to $100 EACH.  Purchased separately these rare books would cost you at least $364.50.  (They cost me MUCH more than that).  Even if I cut the price in half, You'd still have to part with over $150.00.  To me, that's just not practical for most of us.  So... I'm sharing these collector's items with you for immediate download AND on compact disk at a price anyone can afford...

Purchase this entire collection of vintage pattern books loaded with hundreds of vintage patterns (for immediate download & CD by mail) now for only $39.97

Plus... I'll Include Four FREE Bonuses If You Order By Midnight  ...

Bonus #1 (World War 2 Era)

"Doilies - Old & New Favorites", circa 1944

($19.97 value)

Bonus #2

"Chair Sets", circa 1945  ($19.97 value)


Bonus #3

"Dolls Of The Americas", circa 1952  ($19.97 value)

  • 15 pages

  • 12 doll patterns

  • Click Here to see inside


USPS Homepage

Bonus #4

All pattern books on Compact Disk, rushed right to your home... postpaid.  I've reproduced these original vintage patterns using high resolution graphics in Adobe™ pdf format.  Your investment includes a copy of your pattern books on CD, sent to your address via USPS first class mail, and, if you order by midnight tonight, I'll even pick up the postage and handling! ($4.95 value)


With my volume 2 release plus your FREE bonuses, that's 343 pages and 507 vintage stitches & patterns dating from 1915 to 1954 valued at $364.50 for only $39.97! That's only seven cents for each pattern!


You'll have access for immediate download and receive your CD in about 5 to 7 business days by first class mail.  International orders will take a bit longer.

Now, Here's The FREE Vintage Pattern Book I Promised...
People often ask us what the books look like inside.  Well, we're working hard to make photos of all the finished projects available on the site (not a small task :-)... But for now, I'll GIVE you a full copy of one of my unreleased favorites "10 Prize Winners From 1949",  so you'll have a sample of what's behind the cover of these rare resources.


To claim your FREE pattern book "Prize Winners", filled with 10 lovely patterns from 1949, just tell me where to send the secret link.  You'll receive an email in a few seconds with download instructions for your free book.  Plus, I'll send you a free vintage pattern each month by email, hand picked from my unreleased collection.  Here are the patterns you'll get in your free book in just a few minutes:
  • Turret Towers Luncheon Set
  • Pyramid Bedspread
  • Daisy Bell Luncheon Set
  • Diamond Dream Lacy Curtain
  • Collector's Item Filet Runner
  • Spring Shower Tablecloth
  • Steps & Stairs Luncheon Set
  • Victorian Sampler Chair Set
  • Fountain Spray Chair Set
  • Towel Edgings & More!
Name Your contact information will not be sold or disclosed to anyone.  I respect your privacy and promise never to clutter your inbox!  Unsubscribe at any time and keep the pattern book as my sincere thanks for visiting.


Once Again, Here's What You'll Be Downloading In Just A Minute (AND Receive On CD In About 5 to 7 Business Days)...

You'll Receive These Six Rare Pattern Books In Volume 1:
  • Fleisher Afghans, 1937

  • A Bookful Of Crochet, 1935

  • Star Book For The Home: Book 19, Crocheted, Knitted, Tatted, 1942

  • Floral Doilies Book No. 258, 1949

  • Priscilla Centerpieces, 1951

  • Ruffled Doilies, 1954

Plus, Our Latest Volume 2 Release:

  • Clark's Crochet Book, 1915

  • Handbook of Crochet, 1917

  • Priscilla Irish Crochet Book, 1920

  • Crocheted Edgings and Insertions, by Adeline Cordet, 1915 ($19.97 value)

  • Crocheted Edgings and Insertions, by Augusta Pfeuffer, 1917 ($19.97 value)

  • Priscilla Crochet Book, Edgings and Insertions, 1916 ($49 value)

And, If You Order By Midnight, , I'll Also Send You These Four FREE Bonuses:

  • Doilies - Old & New Favorites, circa 1944

  • Chair Sets, circa 1945

  • Dolls Of The Americas, circa 1952

  • All pattern books on Compact Disk, rushed right to your home... postpaid.

  • Your choice of "Crochet Made Easy" or "Knitting Made Easy" interactive video CD.

That's 16 rare pattern books with 343 pages and 507 hard to find patterns and stitches, all for only $39.97.

Your Satisfaction Is My Promise, Or I'll Gladly Return Your Investment...

I've spared no expense to be sure the pattern books you'll receive in digital format (both downloadable and on CD) are the highest quality possible.  If you've taken a look at the first few pages of the pattern books by signing up using the form above, you know what I'm talking about.

In the unlikely event you receive your vintage pattern books and they are not all you thought they would be, just let me know by email, phone or fax and I'll be happy to refund your investment... no strings attached.


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Pat & Tabitha Gibbons

P.S.:  I can't wait to get your feedback on these rare patterns.  Don't forget to claim your free monthly pattern by signing up in the yellow box above.  Click here now to get volume 1 & 2 of my vintage pattern collection, plus your free gifts.

P.S.S.: I've held back a very special, unadvertised bonus for those who have, or are expecting, babies in the family.  You'll love this one!  More details are on the order form. 


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